My Resolutions: Kate

“Are the things you’re spending time on consistent with the person you want to be?” -Laura Guido-Clark, designer

I waste a lot of time. There are so many things I want to do and see, but mostly I end up falling into a Youtube or Tumblr or Pinterest vortex, and all of a sudden it’s an hour or five later.

In no particular order, here are my resolutions to spend time on more things that I care about rather than wasting it on things I don’t – after the jump:

1. Read two new books a month.

By “new” I mean new to me, not newly released. Reading for leisure is one of my favorite activities that I never get around to anymore because of the aforementioned internet vortex. I also have a habit of re-reading books I already know I love. I would really like to make a dent in my “to-read” list, which has been growing exponentially, as I continue to add titles and make zero progress in crossing anything off.

2. Watch one new movie a week.

Same idea as above – I love to rewatch all my old favorites, which is great, but there are so many other movies I want to see that it seems silly to watch The Royal Tenenbaums (my number one) for the hundredth time. Although I could never get tired of it, I can hold off until watching something else that I haven’t seen yet. Note: This resolution is strictly for movies, as TV is an entirely different beast.

Gwyneth at her best.

3. Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

I wish I could be one of those superhumans who functions well on 4 hours of sleep. Without a full night’s rest, I am close to useless. Rumor has it that sleep is super important (and by “rumor” I mean science). According to neuroscientist Russell Foster, “Sleep, in a single behavior, is the most important thing that we do.” So I’m going to start treating it that way and prioritize it over all else (and by “all else” I mean Netflix).

“Sleep is God. Go worship.” -Jim Butcher, Death Masks

4. Never go more than two days without working out.

Self explanatory. Yoga is my exercise of choice, but I like to try new classes and activities to stay active. It really goes against my loafing sensibilities but I shall persevere. Please pray.

5. Do something creative once a week.

Take photos, sketch, collage – something easy but worthwhile so I can begin to put together a portfolio for a possible future in graduate school for architecture.  It also just feels nice to make something.


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